From 23 August the Valleilijn bus service timetable changes

The new bus lane on the campus of Wageningen University will be operational from 23 August 2015. The Valleilijn bus service will also be making use of this new bus lane. This results in changes being made to the Valleilijn bus service time table.

The following changes apply:

  • There will be a new bus service 84 that runs across the Campus.
  • Bus service 88 will continue its familiar route across the Nijenoord Allee. All bus stops on this route will remain unchanged.
  • From Monday 24 August 2015, bus service 84 will be the connecting bus from Ede-Wageningen station via Campus to Wageningen. Bus service 84 will now stop in the centre of Campus (name of bus stop: Campus/Forum) and north of the Dijkgraaf block of flats (name of bus stop: Mondriaanlaan).
  • Over the weekend only bus service 88 will be in service.
  • From 23 August, the Valleilijn bus service will be moved from the south side to the north side of the Ede-Wageningen station as a result of construction work.
  • This means that the bus journey will be one minute longer. To be able to offer the same connections at the station, the buses will be leaving a little earlier from Wageningen or will be arriving there a little later.
  • Download the timetables (pdf):

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